There are several types of skis currently on the market but the majority of the skis that Intersport Val d’Isère stocks are carving skis which suit all levels of skiers.

Carving skis, which have a large sliding surface, are shorter than classical skis and more practical to use; their versatility means that they can be used on several types of slope. Carving skis, which we sell at Intersport Val d’Isère, give you better control on your descents.
The advantage of carving skis is that they give you more of a thrill on turns!

Ski equipment

To choose your skis, opt for a specialist ski brand and a model that suits your level, your size, your weight and the type of skiing you do. You will then have to choose the most appropriate width and length and pick boots, poles, sunglasses or goggles and skiwear

If you are not sure which skis to pick, our team of expert skiers will ask you the appropriate questions to determine your skiing level and the type of skiing you like to do, in order to suggest the most appropriate model of ski  for you.

Little dictionary of what a ski is made up of :
Tip = the front of the ski            Waist = the middle of the ski            Tail = the back of the ski

The wider the tip is, the easier it is to turn.

The wider the waist is, the more stable the skier is.

The wider the tail is, the easier it is to carve turns.

You will find all the equipment you need for skiing at Intersport Val d’Isère: ski equipment, ski boots, bindings and ski poles as well as ski clothing. We have all the kit for the perfect skier in the shop!