Ski boots must be comfortable and warm to protect your feet from the cold and any bumps. They help you to go from one edge to the other on the slopes. There are several criteria to respect to choose the right pair of ski boots.

 Ski boots


  • size: you have to add a size or a size and a half to your usual everyday shoe size. Your foot should not touch the end of the inner boot and should not be compressed.


  • the inner boot: choose a comfortable, heat-moulded inner boot, which will adapt to your foot’s shape to stop you getting cold feet.


  • the shell: there are different types of shell that are more or less flexible. If you choose a flexible shell, your ski boot will be comfortable; if you choose a rigid shell, your edging will be more precise.

You also need to consider how the ski boots do up: micrometric, aluminium, metal, Velcro or macrometric adjustment buckles… for a technical explanation, ask our specialists in the shop. At Intersport Val d’Isère, your ski equipment specialist in Val d’Isère, our technicians are at your service throughout the season!

If you would prefer to have a professional advise you on buying your ski boots, Intersport Val d’Isère’s ski boot sales team is on hand to advise and get you to try on different models, in order to suggest the one that is the most appropriate for how you ski, your level and your budget.