Snowboarders use one of two positions : “goofy” or “regular”.

“Goofy” is when the right foot is positioned in front and the left foot behind on the board while “regular” is the opposite position: left foot in front and right foot behind.

If you are a beginner snowboarder, our team can help you decide which will be the best position for you (according to your landing foot).

The position that you choose isn’t really important when you choose your board as all the snowboards currently on the market adapt to both positions.

Boards usually go up at both ends, (we say they have a “twin tip”) so that you can slide in the direction you prefer. 

Snowboard equipment

At Intersport Val d’Isère, we offer a wide range of snowboards: snowboards for the slopes, ‘multi-purpose’ snowboards, freestyle snowboards and freeride snowboards. Our advisors, who are expert snowboarders, are at your service to help you choose the board that will give you the most thrills on …or off piste!

Different types of boards in stock at Intersport Val d’Isère, your snowboard rental specialist in Val d’Isère:

Freestyle snowboard:
For expert snowboarders who are comfortable doing jumps and tricks and fans of the snow park, a freestyle board is usually wide, short, symmetrical, twin tipped, flexible and light.
Its advantage : better stability on landing jumps and doing 360°s.

With this type of snowboard, soft boots are usually worn with soft bindings. See the section on "snowboard boots".

Freeride  snowboard:
Freeride boards are mainly for beginner snowboarders. They are versatile and make it easy to snowboard on all types of runs and all types of snow.

Freeride boards are short, wide and solid and only have one tip at the front. They are boards that adapt well to riding in powder since their width means that they are stable on this type of fresh snow.

Find out the snowboard brands we stock at Intersport Val d’Isère!

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