The most used snowboard boots at the moment are soft boots. They allow your feet freedom of movement whilst holding them firmly and keeping them warm and dry.

Soft boots are comfortable as they have a heat-moulded, padded inner boot which adapts to the shape of your foot. What is more, the inner boot protects your feet from the cold and any bumps, together with the outer part of the boot which is rigid and waterproof.

As regards lacing, some brands have single laces whilst others prefer more detailed inner and outer lacing systems like the rapid lacing systems.

Snowboard boots

There are two types of soft boots:

“Standard” soft boots: used with strap bindings (also known as soft bindings), which are the most common bindings today. See our bindings.

“Step in” soft boots: used with flow-in bindings, made famous by the FLOW brand, which are easier to get in and out of and are used more and more by snowboarders. See our bindings.

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