What is boot fitting?

It’s adapting your boot to the shape of your foot. The ski technicians adapt inner boots and soles to each person’s foot shape.

A perfectly adapted boot makes you much more comfortable and helps you ski better.

Boot fitting also avoids the problem of frozen feet!

Boot fitting

  • Heat moulding the inner:

As the name suggests, heat moulding is when the Intersport Val d’Isère ski technicians shape a heated inner boot to your foot; this allows you to adapt the inner of your ski boot to the shape of your foot to avoid potential problems, such as pain or blisters, etc

  • Heat moulding the inner soles:

At Intersport Val d’Isère, our technicians do two types of inner sole heat moulding: either they use a Conform’able type sole or they adapt your soles to the shape of your feet.

Thanks to inner sole heat moulding, your feet will be more comfortable in your boots: your skiing will therefore be more precise and your feet will not be cold because your blood will flow more freely